Bo Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew)

I tried this recipe a while ago, and it was super tasty! Definitely on my list of “lunches-that-will keep-in-the-fridge/freezer”. Relatively easy to make, just set aside about 3 or so hours to get it together. The beef was just falling apart, and had clearly been well-loved in that pot, getting amongst the lemongrass and ginger.… Continue reading Bo Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew)

Crumbly Olive Oil, Rosemary and Pear Cake

I made this cake for Christmas with Ben’s uncle Pete in mind, as he is not too keen on desserts. I picked a more savoury dessert to see how he’d go with it 🙂 I think he liked it. It is quite a dense cake, you really don’t need more than a small slice. I… Continue reading Crumbly Olive Oil, Rosemary and Pear Cake

Prawn Curry

I love prawns. I actually am just a general seafood lover – it’s so funny when Ben and I go out to dinner together. He always orders steak and I order fish/prawns/crab. Prawn curry is really nostalgic for me, it was always a real treat when my mom made it for us, as prawns are… Continue reading Prawn Curry

Chocolate Souffle

This chocolate souffle recipe is heavenly. I was amazed at how light the dessert was even though it was chock full for chocolate goodness! It was really creamy, not egg-y at all, and had such a lovely crust on top. We had invited Rani and Diep over for dinner, and I decided to make this… Continue reading Chocolate Souffle

Smoked salmon pinwheel roll

I made these smoked salmon pinwheel rolls as an appetizer for Christmas. They were super cute, really refreshing and so easy to make! I wouldn’t be too concerned about the portions here, just buy the ingredients and apply as you would like. If you like capers, pack them in, if you like a cream cheese… Continue reading Smoked salmon pinwheel roll

Margarita Chicken

Ben and I really enjoy making this recipe during the week. It is so easy to chop up all the ingredients and then marinade overnight. In this recipe I have used the chicken Maryland pieces, but it honestly works with any cut of chicken, chicken wings, chicken thigh, chicken drumsticks, just make sure you score… Continue reading Margarita Chicken

Salmon Poke Bowl

I love making these poke bowls! They are so healthy, and I get to have my occasional sashimi fix 🙂 I really enjoy how versatile and fresh this dish can be, you can use fresh carrots, beetroot, avocado, sweet corn, shredded lettuce, cabbage, edamame, cucumber, zucchini, the list goes on! I have been making them… Continue reading Salmon Poke Bowl