Margarita Chicken

Ben and I really enjoy making this recipe during the week. It is so easy to chop up all the ingredients and then marinade overnight. In this recipe I have used the chicken Maryland pieces, but it honestly works with any cut of chicken, chicken wings, chicken thigh, chicken drumsticks, just make sure you score… Continue reading Margarita Chicken

Salmon Poke Bowl

I love making these poke bowls! They are so healthy, and I get to have my occasional sashimi fix 🙂 I really enjoy how versatile and fresh this dish can be, you can use fresh carrots, beetroot, avocado, sweet corn, shredded lettuce, cabbage, edamame, cucumber, zucchini, the list goes on! I have been making them… Continue reading Salmon Poke Bowl

Sweet Potato Pockets

I made these sweet potato pockets for our Mother’s Day lunch. I did make these as pictured, but I am going to change the recipe to be more of a roasted salad. It was really tasty, I just think it would have been easier to eat if it had been cubed and tossed together. Ingredients:… Continue reading Sweet Potato Pockets

Porto, Portugal

Porto Ben and I were in Porto for 2 days, but I really felt that we could have just been in Porto for 1 day. Porto is more of a walking city, you walk around all day, and you’ll be able to see everything that needs to be seen. We were quite bored on the… Continue reading Porto, Portugal

Douro Valley, Portugal

Douro Valley We drove to Peso de Regua, to our accommodation, Casa de Romezal. We met Marguerite and Luis, who own Casa de Romezal, they are really amazing people. Apparently Casa de Romezal has been in their family for generations, but until 10 years ago, it was in ruins. Their father passed away suddenly about… Continue reading Douro Valley, Portugal

Sagres, Lagos, Monchique, and Coimbra, Portugal

Sagres Ben and I drove down south to Sagres. We really wanted to do a short hike along the way, so I turned to trusty old Google. The blog that I read suggested that we head to Esteveira, near Rogil. The blog described a 1.5 hour secret walk/hike with amazing views. The description was pretty… Continue reading Sagres, Lagos, Monchique, and Coimbra, Portugal

Kangaroo with cherry chutney

This is another dish I made for our Mothers’ Day Lunch – it was a huge hit, because it was so unexpected! Kangaroo has a very game-y taste, and the cherry chutney gives it a lovely rich flavour, it just elevates the whole dish. If you are having this dish as part of a whole… Continue reading Kangaroo with cherry chutney