I asked Ben what cake he would like for his 33rd birthday. He immediately said “Lemon Lime Cheesecake and Tiramisu!”. Now my Lemon Lime Cheesecake is the epitome of cheesecakes, it is so creamy, and light, and citrus-y, and the gingernut biscuit base gives it a really lovely point of difference to your run of… Continue reading Tiramisu

Pastel de Choclo

Pastel de Choclo is typical Chilean dish that is quite similar in concept to a Shepherd’s pie. Instead of using mashed potato, a savoury corn mash is used. I really enjoyed eating this dish in South America, it was a really hearty, wholesome dish that celebrated their local produce. Inside the pastel de choclo, besides… Continue reading Pastel de Choclo

Vegetarian Ceviche

It was Ben’s 33rd birthday in April, and we had a full Chilean dinner. I realised that one of our friends was vegetarian, so I quickly whipped up this vegetarian version of my Ceviche recipe. I LOVE cherry bocconcini. God bless the person who invented it. You could use any mozzarella, just try to keep… Continue reading Vegetarian Ceviche


Ben and I absolutely fell in love with Ceviche in South America. It is just so fresh, and tangy, and has a really lovely mouth-feel. I also loved the variety in the curing liquids, and levels of spiciness. You can do this recipe with kingfish, snapper, ocean trout, and salmon, basically any firm meat fresh… Continue reading Ceviche

South America 2019 – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Ben and I love to snorkel. When we were planning this South America trip, we wrote out all the South America-related bucket list items that we had, and snorkelling in the Galapagos Islands were the top of the list. We basically planned the whole trip around the Galapagos Islands. I did a lot of research… Continue reading South America 2019 – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

South America 2019 – Quito, Ecuador

As we had planned to go to Galapagos Islands, we were instructed by the tour company to arrive in Quito 3 days before our cruise, just to be on the safe side. Ben and I were not expecting very much from Quito, as we viewed it as more of a platform to the amazing-ness that… Continue reading South America 2019 – Quito, Ecuador

South America 2019 – Santiago, Chile

We stayed in Santiago for a couple of days before heading up to Ecuador, and then again just before our flight back to Sydney. We did walk around Santiago, but found it to be quite a bland city. There are museums and sights to see, however, all the information displayed at those places are in… Continue reading South America 2019 – Santiago, Chile