Madrid and Segovia, Spain

Madrid: We stayed in an Airbnb in Lavapies, Madrid, while the apartment was very nice and well-located, we had actually arrived at a very unfortunate time. Lavapies had had a small tragedy the day before we arrived – an African street vendor had died under suspicious circumstances in Lavapies, which then sparked a riot. When… Continue reading Madrid and Segovia, Spain

Our 2018 Mediterranean Adventure

I know this is a food blog, but I really wanted to document and share with you all our most recent adventure. Ben and I recently escaped on a 6.5 week Mediterranean adventure – through Spain, Morocco and Portugal. I had been to Spain previously, but only to Barcelona and Madrid, for 3 days. I… Continue reading Our 2018 Mediterranean Adventure

Barcelona, Spain

I have been to Barcelona once before, and completely fell in love with Antoni Gaudi. His approach to architecture, ergonomics and art is something truly awe-inspiring, and I feel so lucky and blessed every time I get to see his work with my own eyes. A lot of people go to Barcelona for the nightlife.… Continue reading Barcelona, Spain

Chorizo-Stuffed Mushrooms

These chorizo-stuffed mushrooms are a great party food, and are super easy to make in advance for your party. I love how meaty the mushroom tastes, with the richness of the chorizo coming right through, and the delicious manchego cheese. I made these mushrooms for Lola’s first birthday, for the humans. I made the stuffing… Continue reading Chorizo-Stuffed Mushrooms

Dog Meat Birthday Cake

It was Lola’s first birthday on the 12th of Feb 2018. So naturally, I made her the most amazing Dog Meat Birthday Cake. Lola had 9 doggy friends and about 18 humans to help her celebrate her first birthday party. As usual, I made way too much food, and completely spoiled Lola. All of Lola’s… Continue reading Dog Meat Birthday Cake

Beef Rendang

We had a fully Malaysian dinner party recently, and I decided to make a beef rendang for the main. I have made this dish a few times before, and I have been quite disappointed in the way it has turned out before. A beef rendang is sort of a beef stew, but the rendang curry… Continue reading Beef Rendang

Roti Jala

I love Roti Jala! Roti Jala is a very distant cousin to Roti Canai. Roti Canai is made with a dough, and the reason why it is so delicious is because it has multiple layers, with ghee liberally applied within the layers. It sort of resembles a croissant in terms of the layers, not the… Continue reading Roti Jala