Prawn Curry

I love prawns. I actually am just a general seafood lover – it’s so funny when Ben and I go out to dinner together. He always orders steak and I order fish/prawns/crab. Prawn curry is really nostalgic for me, it was always a real treat when my mom made it for us, as prawns are… Continue reading Prawn Curry

Malaysian Chicken Curry Puffs a.k.a Karipap Pusing

I LOVE curry puffs! I always thought they were really hard to make, there is some skill involved, but with this recipe that I found on Facebook, it’s not too bad actually. My crimping could use some work, but it still tasted good! So let me just take a step back and explain what curry… Continue reading Malaysian Chicken Curry Puffs a.k.a Karipap Pusing

Shalini’s Beef/Lamb Curry

For clarity, I am posting a variation of my chicken curry to make a beef or lamb curry. I make my beef and lamb curries slightly differently, in that I use a pressure cooker for the main cooking process, saves you about 7 hours. Also one thing to note with this recipe, I use an… Continue reading Shalini’s Beef/Lamb Curry

Shalini’s Famous Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry is my comfort food. For as long as I can remember, I have loved chicken curry, my mom made it for me when I was living at home, my brother and I would fight over the wings, and when I went to university, I taught myself how to make chicken curry out of… Continue reading Shalini’s Famous Chicken Curry