RAKU, Take 2 – Birthday Dinner

Ben and Thea took me to RAKU for my birthday dinner – I really wanted to try all the dishes that we hadn’t had with the tasting menu last time, and Thea has not been to RAKU yet. We had the following dishes to share: This tuna tartar was amazing! It didn’t have the theatre… Continue reading RAKU, Take 2 – Birthday Dinner

RAKU, Civic

The hubby and I had a date at Floriade’s Nightfest recently, so we decided to go all out and tack on dinner at RAKU as well. Live and let live, right? RAKU only opened on 21 Sept 2017, so I was chomping at the bit to give it a go, given our fantastic experiences in… Continue reading RAKU, Civic

XO, Narrabundah – Take 2!

Ben had gone away on a work trip for 10 days to Central Australia, leaving me alone with the Devil Spawn. It was my first time alone with the puppy, as you can imagine, I was pretty knackered by the time he’d come home, especially as I had instituted a very strict toilet training regime… Continue reading XO, Narrabundah – Take 2!

Lilotang, Barton

We visited Lilotang last weekend with Suba and Dorian. This is our third time at Lilotang, and the food never disappoints. I knew Suba and Dorian love japanese food, which is why I recommended this restaurant. Lilotang is a modern japanese fusion restaurant. The food is always so beautifully presented, and their staff are very… Continue reading Lilotang, Barton

XO, Narrabundah

Since Lola joined our little family, Ben and I have not been on a single date. We have been excellent parents, but no adult time whatsoever. I have been wanting to try out XO for some time, and one Saturday night, I discovered that I had nothing in our fridge (GASP!) for dinner, so impromptu… Continue reading XO, Narrabundah