Vegetarian Ceviche

It was Ben’s 33rd birthday in April, and we had a full Chilean dinner. I realised that one of our friends was vegetarian, so I quickly whipped up this vegetarian version of my Ceviche recipe. I LOVE cherry bocconcini. God bless the person who invented it. You could use any mozzarella, just try to keep… Continue reading Vegetarian Ceviche


Ben and I absolutely fell in love with Ceviche in South America. It is just so fresh, and tangy, and has a really lovely mouth-feel. I also loved the variety in the curing liquids, and levels of spiciness. You can do this recipe with kingfish, snapper, ocean trout, and salmon, basically any firm meat fresh… Continue reading Ceviche

Smoked salmon pinwheel roll

I made these smoked salmon pinwheel rolls as an appetizer for Christmas. They were super cute, really refreshing and so easy to make! I wouldn’t be too concerned about the portions here, just buy the ingredients and apply as you would like. If you like capers, pack them in, if you like a cream cheese… Continue reading Smoked salmon pinwheel roll

Figs wrapped in proscuitto

I picked this recipe up from a live demonstration with Justine Schofield! Love this recipe so much, it is such a fantastic canapĂ©/entree idea, and seriously, who doesn’t love figs! This dish was a huge hit at our Mother’s Day lunch, Ben’s grandmother, Bella, confessed that she had 5! I don’t want to specify serves… Continue reading Figs wrapped in proscuitto