Malaysian Chicken Curry Puffs a.k.a Karipap Pusing

I LOVE curry puffs! I always thought they were really hard to make, there is some skill involved, but with this recipe that I found on Facebook, it’s not too bad actually. My crimping could use some work, but it still tasted good!

So let me just take a step back and explain what curry puffs are. I guess you could say it is Malaysia’s version of an Aussie Dirty Street Pie. There is a flaky pastry that is sort of in a dumpling shape, and it is filled with tasty chicken curry and potatoes. It is then fried in lots of oil.

After making this dish, I have a greater appreciation for my local curry puff street vendors. I can’t believe they only charge less than RM1 for each curry puff when the amount of effort put into making a batch is pretty huge. The curry needs to be made and cooled the previous night. Then the dough needs to be made, rolled, filled, crimped, and then fried. I needed two helpers, and about 3 hours total to make this. So if you are attempting to make this by yourself, keep aside a whole day for this. My recipe will likely make about 50 curry puffs.

Also, as I discovered while I was making the dough for the curry puffs, you will need weighing scales. Apparently ml ≠ grams, courtesy of my husband. Who’d have thunk it :/

I worked it out by feel in the end, who needs weighing scales anyway – take that husband!

Unfortunately, I did not take photos of the process as we were really rushing to get everything on the plate before Princess Lola’s 15 week birthday party, so I have found a picture from the internet that should assist when reading my instructions.

Was it worth the effort? As a Malaysian, I have to say yes. However, I think I am biased by my cravings. So on the whole, I would recommend making this dish for a special occasion when you have at least 20 others to feed, and at least 2 minions to help you. My minions were very helpful 🙂 Princess Lola watched us, hoping we would give her some human food, and was generally a nuisance in the kitchen.

Here is my recipe.


Chicken curry filling

300g chicken breast

3 medium sized potatoes

2 garlic

1 medium red onion

1 tbsp Baba’s meat curry powder

1 tsp chilli powder


Salt and pepper

Water Dough

400g plain flour

1 cup water

1/2 tsp salt

2 tbsp margarine

Oil Dough

200g plain flour

150g margarine


  1. Chop potatoes into a small cube shape, and steam until it’s soft.
  2. Filling: Heat some oil and fry garlic and onion until soft. Add chicken and curry powder and fry until fragrant. Add steamed potatoes and a dash of water and cook until mixture and thickened and somewhat dried up. Leave overnight in the fridge.
  3. Knead water dough and oil dough separately, forming 2 dough balls. Let both rest for 10 minutes.
  4. Flatten water dough, then wrap oil dough within water dough.
  5. Flatten dough with rolling pin so that it is more long, then roll it up.
  6. Turn dough, flatten again so that it is more long, then roll up. Put aside for 10 minutes.
  7. Cut the dough into 1cm thick pastry. Roll the pastry flat and fill in with the chicken curry filling. Seal it by pinching the edges and folding – this is called scalloping/crimping.
  8. Deep fry in hot oil until brown and crispy.

N.B. Someday I will update this post with pictures of my process. For now, please accept my apologies with this borrowed process picture :s

cara2 canai karipap pusing
Process picture from

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