A Pooch Affair 2017

A month ago, Lola, Ben and I attended “A Pooch Affair 2017” at the EPIC Exhibition Centre here in Canberra. It was basically a massive doggie expo, and Lola and I were so excited!

Ben… was resigned.

We arrive, and park the car, and Lola loses her mind. She is so completely overstimulated by the smell of Dogue that she has no idea where to look or walk or anything.

Once inside, every human we walk past loses their mind over how cute Lola is. Everyone wants to pat her, everyone wants to touch her. Lola is so unimpressed she poops right there.

I was very impressed by all the exhibitors, there were so many stalls for dog treats, dog toys, dog clothes, dog leads – everything DOGUE!

They had also organised various play sessions for the different breeds – Lola joined in on the small breed and dachschund play sessions. Unfortunately, by this point, Lola had completely exhausted herself from all the excitement that she was only interested in sleeping on me rather than playing with the other dogs.

Lola’s pretty tired
One of the rowdier daxies
Oh dear
Best Awkward Dog picture ever!
Lola caught up with her friend, Kali the Cavoodle
Lola had to use her teeth to defend herself from the Rowdy Daxie
Meeting Lola’s Look-Alike!

The highlight of the day was really the High Tea. I had paid an exorbitant amount of money for Lola to have this special experience, and they did not disappoint. We walk into the high tea area, and are shown to our table. It is a black table set for 10, with white chairs and clack chairs. We are told the black chairs are for the dogs, and white chairs are for humans. Lola sits very daintily in her chair, and because she is so small, she cannot reach the table without propping herself up on her paws. She is adorable.

Lola sitting in her chair

We meet a lady and her dog sitting next to us. Lady (I can’t remember her name) and Hagrid! Hagrid is a massive 6 month old Leonberger. He is very aptly named, and looks ridiculous next to Lola.

Hagrid and Lola

Lady tells us all about Hagrid. At 6 months old, he weighs a whopping 40kg, and his full adult weight will be around 80kg! At the moment, he eats about 1kg of meat and kibble every day. Lady says that she works to feed him.

At this point, I look at Lola and think about the measly 124g that she eats in a day. I am so glad we can afford to feed Lola without bankrupting ourselves.

I noticed that Lady was wearing a harness over her body. Apparently a proper lead is insufficient for Hagrid. Lady needs a body harness for herself to restrain Hagrid while walking.

I am astounded. Once again, I thank the Gods for our good judgement and decision making.

In saying all this, Hagrid was so well behaved. He was just the nicest, friendliest, calmest dog I have ever met. He just wants to hang out, that is literally all he wants to do.

Meanwhile, Lola is investigating what’s been placed in front of her. Lola starts on her puppacino, and it’s like she’s reached heaven. She laps it all up so daintily, and didn’t spill a drop! She was really into it! Lola then tucks in to enjoy her treats, and the ensuing food coma.

Lola and her puppacino
How cute is this??

Overall, we had a truly fantastic time, and Lola was thoroughly spoiled. The three of us will certainly be attending next year.

One thought on “A Pooch Affair 2017

  1. I am reading this at work and started laughing so loudly at ‘Lola is so unimpressed she poops right there’. haha


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