Peking Duck Pancakes

I recently had a dinner party, and I decided the theme would be Asian. I settled on peking duck pancakes for the entree, because at the restaurants, they always charge you an arm and a leg for 2 measly pancakes, well, I wanted to see how much it would cost to have pancakes for 10!… Continue reading Peking Duck Pancakes

Ben’s Apple Crumble

Ben and I first met learning to dance Salsa. We were both beginners, and had finally mustered up enough courage to learn how to dance properly. We didn’t really get to know each other until I invited Ben and our other Salseros to my house for a party. Ben worked his way to my heart… Continue reading Ben’s Apple Crumble

Tom Yam Goong

Ben and I recently married…twice. The first time was in Malaysia. Since we were going to be in Malaysia anyway, we decided to have a short honeymoon in Krabi, Thailand for a week. We said we didn’t want to have an adventurous honeymoon, we just wanted to relax. After that wedding, we definitely needed to… Continue reading Tom Yam Goong

Mac and Cheese

Every now and again, I make a super unhealthy Mac and Cheese for our work lunches. Ben loves it, because it’s not curry. I am not a huge fan of pasta, I find it is just not filling enough for me, and it doesn’t give me the satisfied feeling that rice does. I also hate… Continue reading Mac and Cheese

XO, Narrabundah – Take 2!

Ben had gone away on a work trip for 10 days to Central Australia, leaving me alone with the Devil Spawn. It was my first time alone with the puppy, as you can imagine, I was pretty knackered by the time he’d come home, especially as I had instituted a very strict toilet training regime… Continue reading XO, Narrabundah – Take 2!