A Pooch Affair 2017

A month ago, Lola, Ben and I attended “A Pooch Affair 2017” at the EPIC Exhibition Centre here in Canberra. It was basically a massive doggie expo, and Lola and I were so excited! Ben… was resigned. We arrive, and park the car, and Lola loses her mind. She is so completely overstimulated by the… Continue reading A Pooch Affair 2017

Kung Pao-esque Chicken

I decided to try something a bit different one weekday dinner. Ben makes a pretty mean lemon chicken, so I wanted to give him a run for his money with a kung pao chicken. I found a really good recipe from Jamie Oliver, I quite like his recipes, they’re very sensible, and he’s a very… Continue reading Kung Pao-esque Chicken

Pork and Mushroom Dumplings

My lovely friend Suba came to visit me from Melbourne during the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. While she was here, we decided to make pork and mushroom dumplings from scratch! This was very exciting for me, as I have always made my dumplings using those ready-made store-bought dumpling wrappers that are really thick and rubbery.… Continue reading Pork and Mushroom Dumplings

Lilotang, Barton

We visited Lilotang last weekend with Suba and Dorian. This is our third time at Lilotang, and the food never disappoints. I knew Suba and Dorian love japanese food, which is why I recommended this restaurant. Lilotang is a modern japanese fusion restaurant. The food is always so beautifully presented, and their staff are very… Continue reading Lilotang, Barton

Chicken Satay

Chicken satay is my go-to party food. Typically, I make it the night before the party so that it marinades overnight. Then the next morning, I thread it onto the skewers ready for the barbeque. I have really only made satays with chicken thigh fillets, however, I know you can make them with beef and… Continue reading Chicken Satay