Beef Rendang

We had a fully Malaysian dinner party recently, and I decided to make a beef rendang for the main. I have made this dish a few times before, and I have been quite disappointed in the way it has turned out before. A beef rendang is sort of a beef stew, but the rendang curry… Continue reading Beef Rendang

Roti Jala

I love Roti Jala! Roti Jala is a very distant cousin to Roti Canai. Roti Canai is made with a dough, and the reason why it is so delicious is because it has multiple layers, with ghee liberally applied within the layers. It sort of resembles a croissant in terms of the layers, not the… Continue reading Roti Jala

Pulut Inti

The other day, I was struck by this need to have pulut inti. Pulut inti is a traditional Malaysian dessert of┬ásteamed glutinous rice with a sweet coconut topping, usually wrapped in a banana leaf. It’s like a small packet of delicious sticky goodness ­čÖé Growing up in Malaysia, I remember my local kuih-muih (dessert) lady… Continue reading Pulut Inti

Gingerbread Men

Every year, for Christmas, I make these delicious Gingerbread Men. Since Ben and I met, we have spent every Christmas together with his family. I often struggled to think of gifts for each individual member of his family, and instead of turning up empty handed, I decided that a handy gift to have is homemade… Continue reading Gingerbread Men


Recently, I made puppy-cakes for a doggie Christmas party. Lola’s friend Molly invited us all to the O’Connor dog park for chasies, funsies and a sense of the ridiculous. I contributed the doggy-favourite – puppy-cakes. I quite enjoy making these puppy-cakes, it is essentially a one bowl mix, and is fairly no fuss. I use… Continue reading Puppycakes


I made jap-chae the other day because I was jones-ing for it. I have a korean friend at the office, and her mum makes her the most scrumptious looking korean meals, and I had food envy. So in the absence of a generous korean mum, I made my own jap-chae. You can get your sweet… Continue reading Jap-Chae

Sweet Lassi

For our Deepavali Dinner, I made Sweet Lassi to drink with our feast. Sweet Lassi is one of my fondest childhood memories, I love having it with my meal, it sort of cools down the spicy in my mouth. My problem as a kid was that I would fill up on sweet lassi and have… Continue reading Sweet Lassi