Tangier and Fez, Morocco

Tangier: We were only in Tangier because that’s where the ferry docks. Our plan was to take the train to Fez as soon as we arrive in Tangier. The ferry took us from Algeciras to Tangier Med. The ticket told us that we have to be at the ferry station 90 minutes prior to boarding.… Continue reading Tangier and Fez, Morocco

Granada and Malaga (Spain), and Gibraltar

Granada: I was actually very sick when we arrived in Granada, so we had to have a rest day. I slept a lot and tried to recover. The next day we went to see La Alhambra. Top tip: buy your tickets 2 months in advance, an adult ticket is €14.50 online. We tried to buy… Continue reading Granada and Malaga (Spain), and Gibraltar

Córdoba and Seville, Spain

Córdoba: We spent two days in Córdoba. It was a really nice place, but in hindsight, probably only a day is required in Córdoba. I am glad we spent 2 days there, we just took it easy. We were very impressed with the Mezquita in particular. Sights/attractions: 1. Templo Romano – Roman ruins, remarkably well-preserved.… Continue reading Córdoba and Seville, Spain

Our 2018 Mediterranean Adventure

I know this is a food blog, but I really wanted to document and share with you all our most recent adventure. Ben and I recently escaped on a 6.5 week Mediterranean adventure – through Spain, Morocco and Portugal. I had been to Spain previously, but only to Barcelona and Madrid, for 3 days. I… Continue reading Our 2018 Mediterranean Adventure

Barcelona, Spain

I have been to Barcelona once before, and completely fell in love with Antoni Gaudi. His approach to architecture, ergonomics and art is something truly awe-inspiring, and I feel so lucky and blessed every time I get to see his work with my own eyes. A lot of people go to Barcelona for the nightlife.… Continue reading Barcelona, Spain

Chorizo-Stuffed Mushrooms

These chorizo-stuffed mushrooms are a great party food, and are super easy to make in advance for your party. I love how meaty the mushroom tastes, with the richness of the chorizo coming right through, and the delicious manchego cheese. I made these mushrooms for Lola’s first birthday, for the humans. I made the stuffing… Continue reading Chorizo-Stuffed Mushrooms

Dragon Wings

I have a few tried and true BBQ finger food recipes, and one of them is this dragon wing recipe. Oddly enough, I don’t make these wings on the barbecue, but I find it works a treat when you have a party of very hungry boys who like to dig into wings and smash back… Continue reading Dragon Wings